Barette Mémoire Gigabyte AORUS DDR4 16CB 4400MHZ RGB

Barette Mémoire Gigabyte AORUS DDR4 16CB 4400MHZ RGB

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AORUS RGB Memory 4400MHz 16GB Memory Kit, Supports AORUS RGB Fusion 2.0, Selected High Quality Memory ICs, INTEL Z590/Z490 and AMD X570 certified / Memory Size : 16GB Kit (2 x 8GB) / Frequency : DDR4-4400 MHz / Timing : 19-26-26-46 (XMP 4400MHz) / Performance Profile : XMP 2.0 / RGB Fusion 2.0 Supported / High Efficient Heat Spreaders to Keep Performance 

Barette Mémoire Gigabyte AORUS DDR4 16CB 4400MHZ RGB


The all new AORUS RGB Memory kit is engineered to be the best and to deliver absolute performance. The stylish, luxurious design and the glossy finish make it stand out against the competition. The diffused RGB LEDs paired with aluminum heatsinks provide both effective heat dissipation and impressive style at the same time. If you want a memory kit that will take your PC to the next level the AORUS RGB Memory kit is what will make your system shine!


The AORUS RGB Memory kit is built on a ten-layer, sophisticatedly engineered PCB that ensures the stability and the high performance of the Memory ICs.
The heatsink of AORUS RGB Memory kit is designed to offer the best performance.
The high quality materials offer better heat dissipation, guaranteeing the stability of the memory kit.
The light diffuser adds balance and polish to the RGB LED lighting.

Barette Mémoire Gigabyte AORUS DDR4 16CB 4400MHZ RGB


As platform performance increases, higher frequency XMP memory are getting popular among overclockers. In response, GIGABYTE presents the AORUS RGB Memory 4400MHz, which has been strictly tested by both Intel Z490 and AMD X570 platform, ensuring superior quality, stability and compatibility. Whether it's Intel and AMD motherboards*, high frequency memory is guaranteed one click away.


5 DDR Exclusive Lighting Effects
AORUS RGB Memory supports 12 lighting modes. 5 are new lighting modes only for the AORUS RGB Memory. Color strobe, Cascade, Color Cascade, Droplet and Color Droplet are the new modes that adds unique style to your system.
Note: Lighting effects depicted are for demonstration purposes only. Actual lighting effects may vary by model.

   Memory Type DDR4

   Capacity 16GB kit (2x8GB)

   Multi-Channel Kit Dual Channel Kit

   SPD Latency 19-19-19-43 for Intel Platform / 20-19-19-43 for AMD Ryzen

   SPD Speed 2666MHz 

   SPD Voltage 1.2V

   Speed Rating PC4 35200 (4400MHz)

   Tested Latency 19-26-26-46 for Intel Z490 Platform / 20-26-26-46 for AMD X570 Platform

   Tested Speed 4400MHz

   Tested Voltage 1.5v

   Heatspreader Color AORUS Gray

   LED lighting Yes

   RGB Fusion Yes

   Package Memory Pin 288

   Performance Profile XMP 2.0